Founded in 2006, the Conscious Business Center® (CBC) is an Education and Transformation Center. CBC provides education, leadership development, strategy design, programs and technology integration of conscious business® principles and practices.

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Just as individuals can have profound awakenings and achieve higher levels of awareness, so too can businesses transform. When businesses become aware of who they are (their business soul/DNA), and connect with their unique role in the tapestry of life, we call them Conscious Businesses®. Conscious businesses® recognize themselves as living organisms, interconnected with all systems. Accordingly, their vision, mission, products, services and relationships start to shift to bring about the highest innovation, care, and service. This results in business success across all measures, from people to planet to profit.

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CBC works with you to explore your company's paradigms, principles, and practices, and to clarify how your business can embody those in its day-to-day operations, bringing growth, thrive-ability, and value to all stakeholders.

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The soul of Money Series

July 18 | July 25 | Aug 1 | 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Hanuman Center - San Francisco

Conscious Business Leadership Principles and Practices

Sheldon Hughes, Jay Kumar and Natalie Zeituny

Wed. Evenings | March 3 - 31 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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