The Spirit, Art and Technology of Self Aware Businesses

Vision - Awakening a Global Consciousness Movement

The Conscious Business Center ®(CBC) and Conscious Business® founded in 2006 believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to lead the global evolution of consciousness. Just as an individual can have an awakening and transform into a conscious person, so too can a business become conscious. When a business becomes aware of its unique creative role in the tapestry of life and recognizes itself as living organism within an interconnected system of systems, the vision, mission, products, services and relationships shift to bring about the highest innovation, care and service to all life - then it has become a Conscious Business®.

A Conscious Business® is a self-aware business that embodies the interconnectedness of all systems. A Conscious Business® operates with the objective of making a profit while enabling body, mind and spirit to thrive: in individuals, communities, global cultures and natural environments

Mission - Global Education and Transformation Center

The Conscious Business Center's® mission to is be a global education and transformation center. We are committed to awaken the soul of business to enable individual, communal, environmental and global issues to be woven into the bottom-lineby providing:

  • Conscious Business® training and education.
  • Conscious Business® transformation services including leadership, strategies, programs and technologies
  • Conscious Business® models and standards that guide businesses to easily and economically achieve Conscious Business® standards.
  • Conscious Business® consortium building collaborative learning communities and bestpractices sharing.
  • Conscious Business® media & publications (essays, white papers, case studies and multi-media broadcasting)


  1. Create a forum of leaders to further define and refine the term “Conscious Business®”
  2. Create a consortium of businesses, academics, artists, scientists and technologists to further define and refine Conscious Business® benefits and ROI
  3. Create and distribute a collaborative library of Conscious Business® strategies, assessment tools,transformational processes, governance models, leadership and organizational models, standards, formation guidelines for internal Conscious Business® Departments, metrics and indexes, monitoring and growth tools.
  4. Promote Conscious Business® departments and certification in every busines
  5. Promote Conscious Business® standards
  6. Discover, develop and promote free-market Conscious Business® solution forums symposiums, talks seminars and retreats
  7. Provide educational services and develop/distribute course materials to conduct classes, seminars, conferences and workshops in the field of motivation, business, trade, markets and entrepreneurship
  8. Create online and offline Conscious Business resource centers, business assessment packages, business training and education curriculum, create and distribute Conscious Business® publications, books, articles, newsletters and multimedia, inspiration vehicles such as talks, retreats, coaching, seminars
  9. Create and distribute Conscious Business® certification metrics, and “Conscious Business® Seal”
  10. Create and support Conscious Business® membership groups and business communities
  11. Create and distribute conscious business tools and information technologies
  12. Create media and marketing campaigns to advance conscious business movement


Vision / Mission
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Special Events

The soul of Money Series

July 18 | July 25 | Aug 1 | 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Hanuman Center - San Francisco

Conscious Business Leadership Principles and Practices

Sheldon Hughes, Jay Kumar and Natalie Zeituny

Wed. Evenings | March 3 - 31 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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