Conscious Business® e-Book - The Art and Technology of Conscious Business (.PDF), August 2009

Conscious Business® Transformation- Models for Implementation (.PDF), March 2008

The following Conscious Business® paper explores the interconnectedness and power of companies to transform themselves and the world in which they co-exist once they “awaken” and become conscious entities. Our society is evolving from nomadic, agricultural ,industrial, information society into conscious society. What does it mean to be a conscious person, conscious business® and conscious society in which we are aware and care for each other in every decision we make and how can interconnectedness, sacredness and care inform our business paradigms,principles and practices to bring creativity, productivity and greater success. Read more HERE.

Consciousness, Business and Technology (.PDF), March 2009

There exists a direct relationship between Consciousness, Business and Technology. The following Consciousness, Business and Technology model describes how critical the role of business and technology in the evolution of consciousness. For the first time in the history of Human kind, we now have the capacity to engineer realities through technologies built and distributed and experience the external manifestation of consciousness herself. Read more HERE.

Fabric of Life in the Consciousness Age (.PDF), August 2009

Humanity and the Earth are entering "the consciousness age;" a new age in which consciousness is the dominant field, vehicle and language which allows all beings to create and experience realities. The deeper, wider and higher the consciousness of the vessel carrying the consciousness the more possibilities for reality creation; Unique to the “consciousness age” is the deepening understanding of the nature of reality as energy arranging itself around consciousness. Read more HERE.


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